“Peter Morris solved a huge real estate lease issue that could have cost me my chiropractic practice. Not only did he resolve the issue and save me money in doing so; he was also able to get me a much better lease by advising me to ask for over 200 changes to the landlord’s standard lease. These were changes I didn’t even know I could request. I know that over the life of this new lease I will not only save money but the risks in the lease the landlord wanted me to take on have been reduced.

If you are attempting to negotiate a lease, renegotiating a lease or an extension or have a lease related problem you owe it to yourself to contact Peter Morris first.”      Dr. Rob Rosborough, B.Sc D.C.  


“Peter Morris is an exceptionally talented professional, demonstrating excellence in strategic capabilities and tactical execution. He is detailed in his approach and always puts the best interest of his clients first and foremost. Innovative & creative, with the capability to work through challenging issues, with excellent results.”  R. Chichester, President, North America, Colliers International (North America)

“A well balanced style of guidance, leadership and teaching, and generated a true sense of team spirit.”   L.P. Sharpe, (Former) CEO, Cadillac Fairview (North America)

“Passionate about his business. Professional, courteous, & reliable. A man of integrity. His word is his word. Peter is firm but fair in his dealings.”  Glenn Barrick, SVP Portfolio Management, Grosvenor Americas (Canada)

“An extremely skilled professional, and his expertise is impressive. A visionary. His out-of-the-box thinking is a huge asset for anyone looking to move to the next level.”    Sue Iggulden, Cushman & Wakefield (USA)

“Exhibited a wealth of knowledge and did an excellent job of communicating ideas and vision. I appreciated Peter’s forward thinking and wide view of the economic landscape.”   Dwight Knapp, CFO, Coldstream Investments (USA)

A true professional. Peter also has a enjoyable and fun personality and I highly recommend his talents and expertise.”     Rob Aigner, SVP, Harsh Investments (USA)

“His intellect, experience, willingness to learn and analyze new and challenging assignments places him among the very best.Brian Castle, SVP, China, Ivanhoe Cambridge (China)

“One of the brightest and most knowledgeable professionals I have ever encountered.  I highly recommend.”  Brent Wilson, Pentad Properties (USA)

“A very creative, business minded individual, with a unique ability to look at opportunities and create fresh, compelling solutions that stand out from typical, straight over tackle approaches.”  Ed Turpin, Investco (USA)

“A tremendous business partner.” Market Advantage Technologies, Inc. (USA)

“Consistently demonstrated to be on the top every time. His strategic insights are second to none.”  Matias Gancberg, Vice President, Latin America, Colliers International (South America)