New Leasehold Advisory Client Announcement

The Greenstead Consulting Group secured a contract to provide lease audit services for the corporate stores of Anytime Fitness, a franchised fitness business headquartered in Minnesota, USA.

According to the CEO of Greenstead Consulting Group, Peter D. Morris, this is part of a comprehensive lease management service that will be extended to the system’s franchisees across North America.

“Our Leasehold Advisory real estate service provides occupier/tenant, independent business people with the same quality of service as one would find in a large real estate department of an international chain,” said Morris. “Tenants, of all sizes, now understand that managing their real estate is not a lease transaction every 3-5 years. It is a major part of their business, and that needs to be properly planned, implemented and monitored on a continual basis between those transactions. We act as their in-house real estate department.”

Morris noted that a tenant’s lease obligation is typically one of the top three expenses a company incurs; yet most entrepreneurs don’t have real estate expertise. That was the reason he created the service, based on his three decades in the industry.

The unique service model Morris developed allows independent tenants and small chains to obtain a bundle of services on a subscription and a la carte basis. For example, Greenstead Consulting Group will manage ongoing lease management services for a small annual fee; while handling infrequent larger issues, such as a tenant relocation negotiation, or estoppel verification, on an hourly basis, and as the need arises. This saves our clients money and provides a great return on their investment.

Real estate is only a function, or a component, of the entrepreneur’s business that allows the businessperson to conduct their business, whatever business that may be. But he noted that the landlord’s business is only leasing real estate. Morris fervently believes all tenants should proactively manage their leases in order to save money and reduce risk. “This is a very cost effective way to accomplish that”, he said during the interview.

“The Anytime Fitness franchisor recognized that they could provide enhanced services to their franchisees, who are typically the tenant on the lease,” said Morris. The franchisor already provides brokerage services, whereas Morris’ firm fills in all the other areas related to the franchisee’s real estate.

The lease audit service Morris’ company is providing to the corporate locations reviews the landlord’s billings to the tenant against the provisions of the lease. Greenstead Consulting Group then discusses the review with the landlord and seeks a refund, if a billing error is found. There is no downside risk to the client since lease audit service fees are contingency based; meaning the client doesn’t pay unless an error is found.

It is one component of the Leasehold Advisory service package offered by Greenstead Consulting Group.

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