Masterguide To Leasing for Retail Landlords

Masterguide-to-Leasing-for-Retail-Landlords-Ebook-CoverMasterguide to Leasing for Retail Landlords e-manual provides proven best practices in four areas of the lease negotiation process educating commercial real estate professionals about the latest trends in leases and little known techniques to enhance revenues while reducing enterprise risk.

The concepts in the 261 page book come from actual hands-on, practical experience leasing retail properties and not just theory or general business concepts. It is based on the experience of personally leasing over 5 million square feet of retail space throughout North America and administering to thousands of tenant leases crafted by dozens of North America’s leading landlords and tenants.

Each of the 15 easy to read chapters builds on the previous one to provide a complete understanding of a leasing process specifically benefiting retail property landlords. You will gain skills and knowledge that can be implemented immediately – on the transaction you are currently negotiating.

Who should buy this?

Retail investors, owners, asset managers, leasing agents, property managers, commercial real estate lawyers, lease administrators, paralegals, accountants, and anyone else interested in improving the value to retail properties. Those new to the industry will gain the equivalent of decades of knowledge, while industry veterans will gain fresh, new insights.


Who is the Author?

Peter D. Morris CRX, SCLS, SCSM, SCMD is a certified and recognized retail property expert holding multiple senior accreditations in the leasing, management and marketing of retail properties. In fact, he is one of only 30 people worldwide today with all these designations.

Mr. Morris has worked in 8 countries and lived in three to bring a unique global perspective. He has worked with institutional owners such as Cadillac Fairview and Brookfield Properties, and as COO for Partners REIT as well as in a third party capacity with Colliers International. As one client aptly said: “I know what I know, but Peter knows what the global industry knows.”

He is a frequent industry contributor, college lecturer, expert witness, industry commentator and panelist.

Here is what the industry says about the Masterguide to Leasing for Retail Landlords e-book:

Anyone who wants to create value and reduce risk through deal making in today’s rapidly evolving retail market will want to read this book and keep it handy as on-going reference. Peter leverages his cross-functional experience, drawing from real events and provides practical, value-add techniques and insight to the science of retail leasing.

 George Chambers, CCIM, CPM, RPA Woodland Chambers Group

As a former senior real estate executive for a brand name retailer, I can say that retailers don’t want landlords to learn these negotiating strategies. 

Mark Taylor B.Comm, CPM Vice President, Real Estate (Retired)

A very good and very readable book.  More importantly, it fills a real void in the literature. And coming from someone with Mr. Morris’ credentials and experience, it has a lot of credibility.

John S. Andrew, Ph.D. Director, Queen’s Real Estate Roundtable, Continuing Adjunct Assistant Professor, School of Urban & Regional Planning & School of Business, Queen’s University

Masterguide to Leasing for Retail Landlords is a must-read for anyone involved in or thinking of becoming involved in the landlord side of leasing, or even someone looking to gain insight into how it’s done. The author, Peter Morris, is obviously an expert on retail leasing, having worked in the industry for over 30 years. His expertise is reflected in this manual, which in my opinion should be read by every landlord. 

As a lawyer, I thought I was knowledgeable in the art of negotiation. This book takes it to a whole new level, especially pertaining to the nuances of retail leasing. And as someone interested in the retail industry, I found the book fascinating and by the time I finished reading it, I felt that I was well on my way to becoming competent enough to be a landlord, myself. 

This easy-to-read manual teaches advanced techniques to increase retail property income and value, while at the same time reducing risk. Mr. Morris takes you through the steps and provides insight that only someone extremely knowledgeable could provide. Rather than reinvent the wheel, why not learn from the expert?                        

Craig Patterson B.COMM., LL.B. Editor in Chief, RETAIL INSIDER


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