About Our Firm

Our clients use us because we are an international, full service commercial real estate consultancy firm providing a complete menu of services and global best practices to both owners and occupiers.

The firm is led by Peter D. Morris CRX, SCLS, SCSM, SCMD; a highly credentialed real estate executive with over 40 years of global experience including all of North America, South America, Asia, South East Asia, China and the Middle East; as well as covering most asset classes from both the owner and occupier perspective to provide a true 360advantage for his clients. He is widely recognized as an industry leader, commentator, author and educator. See his LinkedIn profile HERE.

“Peter Morris is an exceptionally talented real estate professional, demonstrating excellence in his strategic capabilities and tactical execution. He is detailed in his approach and always puts the best interest of his clients first and foremost. Peter is innovative and creative, and he has the capability to work through challenging issues, with excellent results.”   

R. Chichester, CEO (Retired), Farris Lee, Orange County, California

Our clients like that the Greenstead Consulting Group operates on a virtual basis using a portfolio of subject matter experts to resolve their challenges. This keeps our fees very competitive, while you benefit from expert knowledge and best practices in every aspect of the Commercial Real Estate industry.

How Your Needs Are Met

Every client, every challenge and every assignment is different. We Listen, Investigate, Prepare Tailored Options and then We Execute the Strategy You Approve.  Every solution is a combination of global best practice and sound analytical thinking aligned to your specific needs. Other firms may recommend ‘their’ way of doing things. We think that is the wrong approach. Your needs are specific to you. We take the best practices used in the industry and tailor them to your needs and challenges.

What You Receive Every Time

You receive Total Performance, Accountability, and Transparency. Nothing less. And that is a lot more than our peers offer. Total performance, accountability to you, and complete transparency are the highest standards possible in the industry. We state that right up front and we guarantee it.

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